What is the PeniMaster Pro?

penimasterpro-partsThe PeniMaster Pro review is a penis extender that utilizes both a vacuum and rod design to keep the penis an the standard “traction state” to trigger cell hyperplasia and increase length permanently.

It is manufactured and distributed from Berlin, Germany.

Parts of the PeniMaster Pro System

  • Bulb
  • Hose
  • Adhesive Gel
  • Rod Frame
  • Spring-Rods
  • Belt

How to Put it On

Unfortunately, the Penimaster is a pretty complicated device to use.

That’s because it is made out of many parts and has many steps that it takes to put on.

Let’s understand how to put it on by using the parts described above.

    1. Apply the adhesion gel to the inner part of the bulb.
    1. Fasten the hose to the top of the bulb.
    1. Stick the head of your penis inside the bulb.
    1. Insert the sealing plug on the hose.
    1. Fasten the base part around the base of your penis shaft.
    1. Adjust the rods or install the correct rods to apply the right tension.
    1. Fix the bulb into the top of the rod frame.
    1. Angle the device.
    1. Or instead of using the rod-based frame, just use the elastic belt instead.
    1. Put your pants back on and continue with your day.

While I laid out these steps, the simple fact is, most of the steps will take more than 30 seconds to accomplish.

This means that it will take at least 2 minutes to put on the device properly. Can you do this every day? This more time than it takes to brush your teeth every day

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