male extra ingredientsSubmitted By: John Davis.
Location: Richmond, UK.

I have tried various penis enhancement pills on the market, I came to the conclusion that Buy MaleExtra was definitely the one for me. The results were faster than any other pill I had tried before and there were absolutely no side effects. Need I say My girl friends are calling me alot more lately    THANK YOU MALE EXTRA

Submitted By: Peter Ward 
Location: Pattaya Thailand.

Living where I live as an Expat, sex is a big part of my life. But over the years here and living the life, it sure has taken its toll on my body. Having given up on penis pumps, new products that sell you the world but didnt really work, I never thought there would ever see the day when the right product penis pill would come along and would not give me side effects. So I came accross Male Extra enhancement pills, so I decided to give them a shot as you do. The results were that I could feel an apparent difference within the first few days and within 8 weeks I felt like I was 30 again! I recommend this to anyone who feels disappointed by other male enhancement products thats out there because this sure is the best I ever had. Its great that the ingredients come from Thailand which makes it a good taking point with the lads and the ladies lets not forget!

Submitted By: Jong Lam
Location: Manilla Phillipines.

I started using MaleExtra pills about 2 months ago and the results were exactly as stated but then I remembered that I purchased a Size Genetics extender about a year ago . So using the two together rapidally quickened up the process so much that I now have a 2 inch growth just on the flop and rock hard erection. I didn’t expect to occur for at least another 2 months however in the line of work that I am in my customers are very happy with me now! Thank you Male Extra

Submitted By: John Larson
Location: Redhill. UK.

I am not the type of person who buys anything off the internet very often but I was facing a problem with the ladies and performing in the sack  so I realized it was time to take a hard look into penis enhancement products on the market. The results were off the scale after taking MaleExtra! I am now in a several relationships and have absolutely no doubt about my penis performance.

Submitted By: Preston Wilkes.
Location: Miami FL.

A good friend told me about MaleExtra a few months ago  however I didn’t pay much attention until I wqas having a few dramas myself (probabaly to much alchol) so I checked out the 3 top websites and read all the information about the product and the guarantee as usual. I am on 3rd box now since my initial purchace  ( TIP – it pays to buy in bulk with the special offer) and I now feel I can start winding down because my erections are huge and I now have way to much stamina. Cheers MaleExtra. PS; I recommend this website as everything that was stated was true and the prompt delivery was unexpected, like 24 hours here to Miami from the UK



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